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Club Sandwich 24

            The marriage of Ringo to American actress Barbara Bach took place at London's Marylebone Register Office on 27th April. The officiating registrar, Joseph Jevans, also married Paul and Linda in the same room in 1969.
            A large crowd of well-wishers who gathered outside the Register office were rewarded by seeing the bridal couple, Paul and Linda and their four children, and George and Olivia Harrison who also attended the ceremony.
            Afterwards the couple posed for the society photographer Terry O'Neill, who flew in from New York for the occasion. The 70 guests then drove to a reception at the West End club Rags, where they toasted the couple with champagne and ate and danced the night away. Mr. Roger Shine, one of Ringo's witnesses, said of the reception, "It has been a Knees-Up Mother Brown, and lots of dancing with people playing spoons".
            Also present besides family were Neil Aspinall and Derek Taylor (old Beatle and Apple colleagues) with their wives Sue and Joan, Elsie and Harry (Ringo's mum and step-ladder), Oona and Harry Nilsson, make-up lady Barbara Daley and famous hair man Leonard.
            A memento of the event was taken away by each guest in the form of a solid silver star. The wedding cake was also star-shaped.

Club Sandwich 24 Paul, Linda and family arrive at Marylebone register office

Club Sandwich 24 Going, going . . .

Club Sandwich 24 gone

Club Sandwich 24