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            We're back this time with an interesting mix of fillings for the Sandwich. Our cover celebrates the first decade of Club Sandwich (which is hard to believe for those of us who were here at its launch), a nostalgic flash-back to the past, which will re-kindle old memories for some whilst giving newer members of the Fun Club some of the club's history. However, the only issues of Club Sandwich we still have for sale appear on your Club Offer Sheet; many early issues are no longer in print.
            Also we continue our dip back into the history of Paul's various videos, a subject which could still occupy us for some time yet.
            There has also been lots of activity in the D market of late, most notably, of course, the issue of the Beatles first four albums, which created a great deal of media attention. Here in the U.K. they have already entered the top 50 chart on CD alone, whilst in the U.S. they occupy positions 7-10 in the album chart. Also watch out in May for the worldwide release on CD of Paul's albums McCartney and Ram, soon after the Beatles' albums Rubber Soul, Revolver and Help. Later in the year Wings Over America will appear as a double CD, and on 1st June, exactly 20 years ago to the day of its first issue, EMI will release Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band on CD. Perhaps some of us will be spurred on to enter the CD era!
            Another sure future classic, The Prince's Trust Album, is issued in the U.K. on 10th April with the rest of the world seeing it out on 30th April. The album will include the McCartney song, "Get Back", plus a single shrink-wrapped to the album itself, featuring "I Saw Her Standing There" and "Long Tall Sally", which won't be available as a separate single. The CD, however, will have "Long Tall Sally" included.
            March saw the charity recording of the classic Beatle track "Let It Be" in aid of the victims of the Zeebrugge Ferry Disaster. Producers Pete Waterman, Mike Stock and Matt Aitken gathered a host of artists together to record the song to raise money. Amongst those taking part were Boy George, Kim Wilde, Mark Knopfler, Bananarama with many others. The opening bars of the original song with Paul's voice can be heard at the opening of the new version, and Paul has donated all his rights to the Ferry Aid Fund.
            Since my last letter, Paul has begun working in the studio with Phil Ramone but it's too early to report anything.

            'til next time,

MEET KATE TAYLOR Club Sandwich 44

            Having joined last September, Kate Taylor is one of MPL's newest recruits. What was going on at the time?
            "Nothing major-the LP had been out a while. So I was able to get to know the organization with help from Sally (Daisley) and Shelagh (Jones)."
            MPL was Kate's first job after secretarial college in Oxford.
            "I thought I wanted to work for a big multi-national company, but when I went for interviews they didn't appeal to me at all. I'd been looking for a job over the summer and thought I should do some temping to earn some money. MPL seemed much more the sort of company I'd like to work for".
            Kate is 19 and was born in Amersham, Bucks. Her first
schoo/s were at nearby Little Chalfont and Great Missenden; then her father's oil company posted him to the Ivory Coast in West Africa; though Kate was at boarding school near Godalming for those three years, she lived there in the holidays. Her parents now live in Northamptonshire, where she visits them every six weeks or so.
            Back at MPL, life is varied: "I met Paul and Linda in the first three weeks: they were really friendly.
            "I do anything that needs doing - most of my work comes from Shelagh. I recently finished cataloguing the films and videos and have started on the photos."
            What has been her toughest task?
            "Everything! There's nothing that you can't do, though it's frustrating when you can't get something you want."
            Kate's appetite for work has not gone unnoticed. She copes well under pressure, with only a becoming flush and the tousling other curly hair as visible evidence.
            Away from the office cauldron, Kate shares a Batfersea flat with an old college friend and two guys, having recently moved from Putney. Pressed to describe her interests, she starts with "sleep" and "being outside", but soon becomes more specific. Although getting out of town on alternate weekends, for parties or visits to friends, Kate has city pleasures too.
            "I enjoy the cinema and the theatre. I saw
Stand by Me last night and would recommend it to anyone. Before Christmas I saw A Chorus Of Disapproval in the theatre, but haven't been since - it's difficult to find the time and get to buy tickets in advance.
            "We've been decorating the flat, though that came to a full stop when the chimney breast fell down. We removed the mantel shelf and the whole thing just collapsed! - so we've had to get people in to rebuild it."
            Few things collapse at work when Kate's around.
We've enjoyed getting to know her and hope you have too.


            Stop press on CD's: Wings Over America is out in May in the UK-other countries may vary. Beatles CD's from Help onwards will be in stereo and Sgt. Pepper will come with a special booklet... Tying in with our Duane Eddy feature, Jet Harris (once of the Shadows) played the Beatles' 'Hello Goodbye' on BBC Radio Two's Sounds of the Sixties and revealed how Paul had recently told him that he was a big influence on the young McCartney. (Was not one of the earliest Beatle recordings 'Cry For A Shadow'?) Jet was a big innovator on four- and six-string bass with the Shads and solo... Buddy Holly raves on. He got one vote as Best Male Rock Star in the London Standard's Christmas poll. Pavilion Books have issued a handsome large format paperback, Remembering Buddy, by John Goldrosen and John Beecher at £9.95. This expands Goldrosen's 1975 biography, adding copious illustrations and much new info on Buddy's recording sessions. Definitive it's called, definitive it is; with last year's Arena programme topping BBC2's viewing figures for the week, there should be plenty of readers... Too late for our last issue, Paul appeared on Channel Four's Tube programme to sing 'Only Love Remains' and be interviewed by 13 year-old Felix Howard, a veteran of Madonna's 'Open Your Heart' video. Paul said he'd like to be good at painting and that his children's favourite groups were "people like Simple Minds, UB40... I be 44!" His own views on the current scene? "I like it...
            The soul scene has kept straight through - that's great - and a lot of young bands... are really good." He felt the "fashion rock" phase was over and confessed to liking Dire Straits and Beethoven. Favourite tracks on Press? "Dunno... that's honest, anyway!" Paul's advice to those starting out? "Be original... The Beatles were different from all the Shadows-based groups." He ended by charming the young audience with a brief snatch of 'Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On', complete with amusing lyric fluff ("Chicken by the horn?"). Great stuff... Paul and Linda have become patrons of the League Against Cruel Sports. Before the Waterloo Cup hare coursing event, League Chairman Lindsay Roberts announced, "We are delighted at Paul becoming a patron and it is a great boost to our campaign. He detests blood sports in general and hare coursing in particular."... Alan Grimadell of the National Association of Hospital Broadcasting Organization reports "a terrific response" from Sandwich readers (including one letter from Cracow, Poland) requesting tapes of his 1985 interview with Paul, following the extracts we printed in CS41. "It's a great lift for hospital radio when someone like Paul gets involved."... Papers released under the US Freedom of Information Act reveal that Elvis thought the Beatles were a moral threat to society. Funny, I seem to remember the same thing being said about him... Hugh Padgham gave an interesting interview to International Musician about the recording of 'Only Love Remains': "we recorded a version which had all the strings and the band playing together, and that was the version we used... Paul overdubbed the classical guitar." He also likes Jim Boyer's single mix and thinks the saxophone "is really good - I wish I'd thought of it."... Rupert and the Frog Song has been nominated for Best Music Video (Short Form) at the forthcoming Grammy Awards... It's well known that Paul's working title for 'Yesterday' was 'Scrambled Egg', but did you know George Martin had recorded it under that title? It's on Off The Beatle Track, reissued on the See For Miles label... Twice In A Lifetime was released in the UK in January. Although written by Colin Welland, starring Gene Hackman and Ellen Burstyn and getting pretty good reviews, there is no soundtrack album, so it's off to the cinema to hear Paul's title song... I van Vaughan, who introduced Paul to John, has written Ivan - Living With Parkinson's Disease (Macmillan, £9.95), with these words from Paul on the back cover: "Ivan was born on exactly the same dcy as me in 1942. We grew up together and were good mates at school, so it naturally came as a shock to learn he had developed Parkinson's disease. It is no surprise, however, to see the courageous and vital way in which he is confronting the problem, and by reading this enlightening book I am sure you will come to the same conclusion."... Linda's B.B. King T-shirts (not sweatshirts) are available from Christopher New, 52 Dean Street., London W1V 5HJ at £15+£1 P&P... Paul also paid tribute to the late Matt Monro, who recorded one of the best versions of 'Yesterday', on the sleeve of a new compilation, By Request: "Matt was a great artiste. Whenever I met him he was always a pleasure to be with and I remember him fondly." Part of the proceeds from the album will go to Cancer Research... Woman's Own ran a poll to find out the Most Popular Britons Abroad. Paul came third in Japan behind Princess Diana and Mrs. Thatcher - not bad - and eighth in West Germany... Heard the one about the horse, the goat and the dragons? Barry Fantoni tells us that, according to the Chinese Horoscope, Paul was born in a Horse year, George a Goat and John and Ringo a Dragon year. 1963, when the Beatles first hit number one, and 1987, when they hold the top four places in the CD chart, are both Cat years, which favour all three animals. So that's why there were no CD's till now... Wonder what Morse Moose and the Grey Goose think of it all?