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            May: Club Sandwich 44
            Wings begin recording on a yacht in the Virgin Islands. Most of the tracks on 1978's London Town came from these sessions.

            1st May:
            Live At The Star Club, Hamburg
double album issued. You can see why all four ex-Beatles tried to stop this coming out, but it has some appeal for the die-hard fan. Recorded on a basic tape recorder from the back of the club, the sound is best summed up by Humphrey Lyttleton's term 'lo-fi'. Still, the performances are forceful and the banter intriguing.

            6th May:
            Ah, this is better: EMI issue Live At The Hollywood Bowl, containing seven songs from 1965 and six from 1964. The original three-track tapes, produced at the time by Voyle Gilmore, received an expert and sympathetic overhaul from George Martin and engineer Geoff Emerick, with magnificent results. Long-time fans knew well the Beatles' complaints that, once they'd reached the top, they couldn't hear themselves play live. So this album was a revelation: atmosphere, more banter, loads of
            vitality, spot-on performances -oh, and some pretty good songs. Historic and delightful.
            And in the spring of 1977 a new magazine appeared. Funny one, really. Chap on the cover fingering a double bass, pix inside of a group with a chiming name. (Things? Springs? Wings!). The chap was Paul, the bass was Elvis' and the mag was Club Sandwich. Thanks to your interest, we're still here ten years later. Ten landmark issues, including that first one, are pictured on our cover: we hope you enjoy them.


            Dear Sue and Harry
            What a thrill it was to see you had used my article on 'non album tracks' in the latest issue of Club Sandwich. However it would appear that in updating my list you have introduced several errors:

            1. By my calculations Paul has had 37 (not 39) chart singles, 38 if you include "The Girl is Mine". I believe his only single not to make the charts was "Rockshow/Magneto & Titanium Man". Perhaps you could clarify your figure.
            2. You say "I have listed here the 30 tracks that have been released on 7" singles, but not on album. The non-album tracks are underlined."

            There should in fact be 29 tracks underlined (you missed out "Mary Had a Little Lamb") and you should amend the total to 29 non-album tracks.
            An otherwise excellent 'Sandwich'.
            Best wishes
            PAUL SWIFT

            Ed's Note.- "Several errors"? Have a heart, Paul! We included "The Girl Is Mine" and "Seaside Woman" (not strictly a Paul McCartney/Wings track, we admit) in our total: hence the discrepancy. Yes, "Mary Had a Little Lamb" should have been underlined. Our figure of 30 non-LP tracks on 7" singles came from counting "Lunch Box - Odd Sox" as two. Well, if a chap will choose such eccentric titles... Thanks for your attractive and detailed list of Paul's hit singles.

            Dear Wings Fun Club,
            I would love to renew my subscription for another wonderful year.
            In the ten years I have been a member of the club, I've had a great deal of enjoyment. I've been delighted to get special Club Sandwiches in the mail. I am most grateful to the "Club" for giving me the thrill of meeting Paul and Linda during their visit to Los Angeles a few years ago.
            Like Paul and Linda, the Fun Club gets better and better with each passing year!!
            BETTY TAKEYASU
            CA 93033
            UNITED STATES

            Ed: Thanks for your kind words, Betty. Our front cover should hold some memories for you.

            Dear Fun Club,
            A group of Paul's fans (including me) from my school had a vote on the best songs Paul has done since the Beatles break-up, here's the top 10.
            10. Back seat of my car
            9. Daytime Nightime Suffering
            8. Wanderlust
            7. Band on the Run
            6. Red Rose Speedway Medley: Hold me Tight/Lazy Dynamite/Hand of Love/Power Cut
            5. Girls School
            4. Press
            3. Take it Away
            2. The Man
            1. No More Lonely Nights
            Nice mixture of old and new material isn't it! Perhaps you could organise a worldwide poll?
            IAN MEARS
            ESSEX SS7 2HP

            Ed: Very interesting, especially nos. 6, 9 and 10. Your letters keep us too busy for polls!

            Dear Club Sandwich,
            I've never written to you before-but I really had to tell someone about a certain special day in my life.
            The story begins...
            The day..............Monday 8th December '86
            The time.............2.00 pm
            The setting.........Me in my office at work
            -interrupted by telephone-
            My near hysterical mother babbling on about a telephone call from 'The Tube' - asking me if I wanted to go to Newcastle to see Paul McCartney.
            "Really?" Oh my God! I couldn't believe it! Paul McCartney -my hero! Of course I wanted to go and see him! Asked my boss for the afternoon off - he agreed - a PMc fan!
            My friend, Suzanne, a growing Macca fan agreed to go with me, so we arranged train times etc. etc.
            Then came THE DAY! I was in such a daze all morning - all I could do was drink coffee and dream of seeing Paul and Linda - a chance of a lifetime!
            The train was caught and we-in the midst of a bustling Newcastle - set out to find Tyne Tees Television. It was windy and raining (we were lost) but then turning a corner we saw a huge white building-this was it.
            We waited in the foyer with other Wings Clubbers - "Press To Play" badges were seen everywhere, as were Rupert Scarves and Broad Street sweatshirts! Invasion of McCartney fans!!
            At 4.15 pm Thursday 11th December 1986 - I entered Studio 5. After an introduction in He walked - right next to me! I just couldn't believe my eyes-this was Paul McCartney-my idol of years!
            Then Paul sang "Only Love Remains" twice - I was in awe-every time he looked up he looked straight at me! He was really great -Linda and he making attempts at our Geordie accents and generally enjoying themselves. Paul then sang "Whole Lotta Shaking Going On" twice-brilliant rock 'n' roll. Paul then says "I bet you haven't heard this one for a while" and starts to sing "Baby Face". Wonderful!
            Paul and Linda went off and I managed to touch him!!
            Paul made his way over to the interview with Felix, ana I plucked up courage to go and speak to Linda, who was stood behind everybody autographing a pile of paper plates! I had my copy of "Hey Jude" with me (significant song because it became No. 1 the very day I was born - 14th September 1968).
            "Could I have your autograph please?"
            Linda autographed my single cover. "What have we here? A devoted Beatles fan?"
            "Yeah, that's me! Thank you very much!"
            "It's okay."
            It was great talking to her, she made me feel at ease.
            When Paul was finished and leaving I shouted "Paul" - he turned round - "Thank you very much." He smiled and put his thumbs up!
            Outside Paul and Linda waved at me, as I was right behind them, they then sped off into the night.
            I couldn't believe it - I had been in Paul and Linda McCartney's presence for 2 hours - probably the best 2 hours of my entire life. Meeting Linda - being smiled and waved at by Paul and touching him twice!
            I'd just like to thank everyone involved - especially Paul and Linda - obviously devoted to one another and really beautiful people!
            I'd be grateful if you'd print this letter to let other McCartney fans know just how wonderful these two fab people are!
            Yours sincerely
            CO DURHAM
            TS29 6QD
            RS. Paul - love the peach socks!

            Dear Sue,
            How / became a Macca Fan - a saga of frogs, Wombles and jelly babies.
            My first and proudest achievement was managing to be born while The Beatles were at Number One in the British charts with 'Hey Jude'. An interest in those Beatley boys seemed fated...
            Throughout the seventies, my musical interest only stretched as far as the Wombles-remember them, British Womble freaks? 'Remember you're a Womble, remember you're a Womble...!' Although I do recall a particular song week after week, on 'Top of the Pops', with very annoying bagpipes, I thought at the time, although the song wasn't bad!
            Another image I have from those TV. days of tinfoil outfits, huge flares and guitars, is of a dark-haired man performing a song, with a piece of heather in the lapel of his jacket. Very strange!
            Well, I discovered the Beatles in the tragic time of 1980, loved the music, read books, asked my mum-'I always preferred the Rolling Stones actually'. Despite this, she saw The Beatles perform somewhere near Wales when they were a scruffy crew in leather jackets, and John swore a lot!... When she worked in Woolworth's, the girls saved all the mis-shapen jelly babies which they couldn't sell, and sent them to The Beajles among the deluge of said sweets the poor lads had to endure! I wonder how long it takes to get fed up of eating jelly babies?
            I became a Macca fan at a good time, the start of the 80's solo McCartney era, when I saw that grin (and the rest of him, of course) performing 'Ebony and Ivory', and that was it, I bought the album, (Tug of War's still my favourite of them all, Paul!) joined this esteemed club and have been enjoying myself ever since!
            I've yet to see Fab Macca on stage, or bump into him on a train, and I've yet to get a picture printed in the Gallery on your back page, but you do a great job, keep the posters coming, and keep telling us what he's up to.
            The funniest moment so far for me was the first time I heard the frog song, I fell about laughing. I mean, hearing it for the first time, introduced solemnly as 'Paul McCartney's new single', never having seen the frogs which accompany the song so brilliantly I thought, 'Well done, mate-who else would dare!??'
            VANESSA HARRIS
            HR2 9LL
            Could you tell me who named the Sandwich, and why don't you do a feature on the club and its history, there must be plenty of events to recall for newer members.

            Ed: Paul himself named Club Sandwich. See tenth anniversary cover montage. We're always thumbing through Paul's back pages, so notable fun club events of the past are bound to crop up occasionally.

            Dear Paul,
            Thanks to a very good friend of mine, I have become a member of the Fun Club and enjoy my issues of "Club Sandwich" very much! I have always been a big McCartney fan, but it was not until just a few months ago that I realized there was an even bigger fan where I work! Now we spend much of our time talking about you!
            During one of those conversations, we thought, "Hey! Wouldn't it be great to have all of Paul's music videos on one VHS tape?" We would absolutely LOVE to have copies of them all, and I'm sure there are many fans who would agree with us. We have enjoyed your unique videos a great deal, but, like many fans, we just never get the opportunity to see them.
            Having your music videos on one VHS tape would be treasured by all Fun Club members. Won't you please give this some serious thought?
            Very Truly Yours,
            LOCK HAVEN

            Ed: You surely speak for many, Donna, but as ever Paul finds present and future projects taking all his time. Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy our video retrospective.

            Dear Paul,
            Hi! How are you? I am a new member of your Fun Club and I am just writing to say how honoured I feel to be a member. Suddenly, I now feel so close to you instead of miles apart. Many of my friends are in other fan clubs and I am pleased to report that they are nowhere near as excellent as yours. It really is great and I love the Club Sandwich magazine.
            I have been your number one fan ever since I can remember. When I was young, my father always played your records, and as I grew older, I became addicted to them. I just know that you are really lovely and a fabulous musician and will probably carry on making beautiful love ballads and rock numbers until the day you die. I hope you do.
            Thanks again for such a great fan club.
            I love you! Love from
            CAROLINE CHUBB
            GREAT URSWICK
            LA12 0SX