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Club Sandwich 47-48

looked like lords, ladies and gentlemen with their jewellery and dinner jackets. Unfortunately, the wrong people were inside - all the fans were outside and all the people with the money were on the inside. This is life: what can I say?
            "So: finish the show - it went down a storm - get the guitars packed away, fly off the stage, grab the leads, load stuff into the car. Go upstairs, Paul says 'Are we ready?' We go back through the mayhem. On the stairs we've got this reporter who's talking every step Paul's doing into this radio, via a radio station and it's all happening, happening.
            "Eddie's trying to follow with his camera, which is nigh-on impossible with all these people. He gets into the front of our car, I have the back door all
ready for Paul and Linda to dive in. As I was just going to shut the door, Alan jumps in with us too. We've got two cars in front and a car behind-police cars. Open the gates: another crazy amount of people screaming and shouting for Paul.
            "As we go down the streets, seeing all the beautiful houses with the big shutters, it's all lit up beautifully, like a big seaside resort really. There were a lot of lights shaped like all the different playing cards down one street, I noticed, and people just milling around. This was the last part of the four-day festival and Paul was headlining the whole show. Other artists on were Joe Cocker, Whitney Houston and a whole bunch more.
            "We pass the Royale as we're driving back out and just go straight through, all the way to the customs, where the police leave us. Go through and drive for another half an hour through Monte Carlo to Nice airport, where our aeroplane was sitting on the runway waiting for us. So were Trevor and a couple of the French guys from EMI who'd gone ahead of us to make sure everything was OK. We had a lovely flight back, went through customs in England, jumped in the cars and drove off home after a great day out in
San Remo."
            Mission accomplished - an important mission too: other artists included Rick Astley, Bon Jovi, Terence Trent d'Arby and Art Garfunkel. All but four of the artists then in the Italian charts appeared and ninety acts were televised, a third of them non-Italian.
            But this wasn't Paul's only venture surle continent after the release of 'Once Upon A Long Ago'. With a similar band (Stan Sulzman was on sax this time), he had flown to Germany on Sunday 20th December to appear on Wetten Dass, a major TV show, saying a few words in German to compere Thomas Gottschalk. (See Pascale Becker's letter in LWFS.) We can only hope the performing bug has bitten him good and proper in the process. We can be sure the McCartney bug has bitten much of Europe - ouch!