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Paul popped up often on British TV before Christmas, usually accompanied by Linda, so we thought we'd extract a few plums for your delight. First, let's turn to Wogan, broadcast on 20th November by BBC1.

Club Sandwich 47-48

            "I think it's pretty clear what this is all about," said a genial Terry Wogan, gesturing towards the huge portrait of Paul which dominated the studio. And without more ado, McCartney and band launched into 'Jet', immaculately reproducing the recorded version with a strong vocal from Paul, who was on bass as for most of his TV spots. Keith Airey (guitar), Gary Barnacle (sax), Chris Whitten (drums), Linda (keyboards) and Nicky Hopkins (piano) completed the line-up. This completed Nicky's set, as besides playing on the Beatles' 'Revolution' and recording and touring with the Stones, he has graced solo albums by John, George and Ringo. A slightly puffed Paul joined Terry, who started on a dietary note: "Up in hospitality, the entire menu is vegetarian. You didn't even try the mushroom quiche, did you?" "No, I don't trust your hospitality." (Laughter.)
            "Now, by a strange, nay wonderful coincidence, I am in a position to present you with a double platinum disc for All The Best. (Cheers.) It hasn't been out very long and it's number two in the album charts and platinum already. Nice to know the old magic is still there. What's the favourite of all your hits?" "It's always the new one, whatever you've just been working on. It's fresh." "Do you listen to much new pop?" "Yes - I'm sweatin' like a pig 'ere - I listen to U2...George Harrison." (Cheers.)
            "It's the 25th anniversary of 'Love Me Do'. When you listen to these things now, do you feel they've stood the test of time?"
            "I think as songs and performances they've stood the test of time - the problem is the technical thing. Sometimes the drum sound is a bit 'poop-poop' - I'll do that again: 'poop-poop'." (Laughter.) Talk of the Beatles CD's led to the question of modern studio techniques. Was Paul happy with them? "Myself, I think it's gonna change. You'll get the techno business, but you're starting to find that people want to hear real bands playing. Fashions go in circles."
            "When you were at school, did you say to your careers master, 'I want to be a