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Club Sandwich 47-48 Fun Club member R. Simon of West Germany sent us his picture of Paul on stage in 'Welten Dass' (See Pascale Brecker's letter on this page)

            Last November, Pascale Brecker, a Fun Club member, came to England expecting to see Paul perform at the Prince's Trust Concert. Her information was incorrect, and she was very disappointed to discover that she had come all that way in vain. Very fortunately, Paul soon went to Germany to appear on the television programme "Wetten Dass", and MPL arranged foe Pascale to attend. Here is her account of the day.

            Dear Sue
            I am writing to you to tell you what happened at the show "Wetten Dass" on Sunday.
            I arrived at the town hall at 6 pm. A lot of people were there, some from the Netherlands and Switzerland. Somebody gave me a pass, so I was able to stay backstage and to walk around inside the hall. At that time, nobody was allowed to stay at Paul's rooms. I imagine that many people wanted to see him, in particular, the Press. They all were shouting and staying around his door. I felt for him that people are sometimes really annoying. He was not able to go outside, there were too many people. A girl, F. Hurry, picked me up and went with me to Paul. She said, "I will introduce you". Paul came to me, the girl took a picture. I was talking to him for a really long time. He said, "I'm just a man like anybody". Yes, he is a man like everybody, because business and private life are two different things, which have to be kept apart. You will know it and I know it, but I guess the Press don't know it. Well, but I have to admit: he's such a sweet man, there's no comparison. It's easy to like him.
            Paul went on stage and what happened now, I did not expect: old and young people climbed up their seats and shouted, "Paul, we love you" and things like that. Paul was a little bit surprised, he did not expect such a welcome. When he finished singing, people were longing for an extra song but Paul didn't do one. There was nearly hysteria and ropes were needed to keep the crowd apart.
            There's no exaggeration in my lines. You must know that "Wetten Dass" is a conservative show where people are only clapping hands and nothing more. Something like that never happened before, people never climbed up seatsl When Paul wanted to go by car to the airport and the car started to move, people were beating against the windscreens and blocked the car by catching it. I've never seen something like that before. I think this event was not annoying to Paul, only strenuous. When I saw him on Top of the Pops, there was not such an enthusiasm like here in Germany. That was my report, I hope you enjoyed it.
            Thank you for all,
            WEST GERMANY

            Dear Paul
            I've been a member of the Fun Club for a short time (2 months) but I absolutely love it!
            I've just received the last issue of Club Sandwich and I find it great with all that information about "All the Best". I love the album! The songs are marvellous and my favourite one is no doubt "Once Upon a Long Ago".
            It's the most beautiful song I've ever heard! And the video is great - you look gorgeous as always! I'm so glad it's having success over here; it got directly to number nine and I'm sure it will be number one soon.
            Unfortunately, I don't have many of the Wings albums because they aren't available in Portugal. I haven't seen most of your videos either, and as one of the Club Sandwich readers said, it would be great if a video cassette was released.
            When did I become your fan? I've been a Beatles fan for 6 years (I'm only 16) and I loved to hear their songs, especially the ones sung by you.
            I love everything you do! I think you are so human being a vegetarian. It's really a shame to kill animals and because I love animals I'd like to become a vegetarian too. As I read an article Linda wrote in Club Sandwich about this subject, I'd appreciate it if she could send me a sheet explaining the advantages of being a vegetarian.
            Lots of Love
            PAULA SOUSA

            Your vegetarian info kit is on its way, Paula. The McCartney and Once Upon a Video releases should cheer you up.

            Dear Wings Fun Club
            I am writing because I need to thank you for existing, and I need to thank Paul and Linda for lighting my grey life with dreams.
            Dreams about finding a man who could love me, write songs for me, help me work. Dreams about having someone near when the world seems to fall on me. You let me dream it can happen.
            I sing in a rock group called "Vogue", recorded backing vocals for a dance album, wrote a musical script for a parish choir, but I do not get anything as it is all on a "friendship" level. Besides, in my town there are no chances for would-be artists. Sometimes, I feel like crying and then I turn to you and your music. I am not telling you anything new, you know you are important to many people. Yet I am sending you this letter to say "I am among those people too".
            Thank you again.
            I love you
            SIMONA DOLLFUS

            You’ve achieved a lot already, Simona. And remember, once people thought Liverpool was no place for would-be artists.

            Dear Paul and Linda
            I have enjoyed my first year as a member of the Club and receiving your super magazine. It is great that you care enough about your fans to share your lives with us and keep in touch this way.
            Linda, I would like very much to receive a copy of your vegetarian fact sheet. My husband and I try to eat nutritiously and I would be interested to read about good protein substitutes to replace meat.
            Are you still planning to write a cookbook? If so, I have a few suggestions. Something that would make your cookbook extra special would be to include favourite recipes from each of your family members, also their favourite menus, and perhaps some family stories/tales that relate to mealtime. It would also be special if you could illustrate the book with your photos and with Paul and the kids' drawings.
            By the way, I always enjoy your photos in Club Sandwich Linda. Thank you for sharing that talent with us. I am a professional freelance photographer too (I used to work as a commercial photographer and graphic artist before my kids were born) so I find it helpful to read about your latest endeavours.
            Paul, I would like to close by thanking you for the inspiration that you have been to all of us and for continuing to share your great musical talent. You have achieved great things in your life, having become a legend in your own time. Yet the thing I can admire most about you is that you have worked hard to remain ordinary, level headed, and have therefore not been ruined by fame, fortune, and success.
            We have never met (and I have been waiting 10,000 years to see you in concert) but I still feel a sense of connectedness, as you must surely feel with all of us. There is a Native American expression for someone who has had a great influence on their life, someone they cherish. The Indians say such a person 'walks in my soul'. You walk in the soul of so many people, Paul, I am honoured and happy that you walk in mine!
            With love and gratitude
            DONNA ANDREWS

            Dear Paul
            I had a surprise of a lifetime happen to me - all because of you!
            In the mail, I received your new album - "All the Best". Thank you from the bottom of my heart for personally autographing a copy to me. It is a dream come true!
            The note enclosed by Sue stated - "Paul wanted you to have this for your contribution." So, upon opening the inner sleeve, much to my amazement, I found that you had printed my personalized licence plate: Paul McC.
            Paul, I am so thrilled and honoured that you included it as part of your fantastic new album.
            Then, to top it off- my name appearing in print amongst the list of credits. You have made me feel quite special and very, very lucky!
            Everything throughout the album - the collage of pictures, the album cover itself, and the art illustrations are all so cleverly designed.
            The collection of your greatest hits are all outstanding. My personal favourites being: "No More Lonely Nights", "We all Stand Together", "My Love", and "Goodnight Tonight". Your new song - "Once Upon a Long Ago" is a beautiful fairy-tale type ballad. The musical arrangement is brilliant.
            Paul, your music has always brought a tremendous amount of happiness to my life. And, you are to me the greatest singer/songwriter of all time!
            Once again, thanks a million for the most precious and treasured gift you sent me. Needless to say, it is now my most prized possession in my great McCartney collection.
            I plan to have the album custom-framed. That way, I can display it proudly in my home. It's sure to bring a smile to my face, everytime I glance at it.
            Paul, you are a warm and gracious person, for taking the time to remember a true fan like me.
            God bless
            With all my love
            MAGGIE CAMPA

            Dear Paul
            I am a Japanese girl, your fan, a left hander!
            Your new LP "All the Best", was released on November 16 in Japan. Of course, I bought it.
            I like "Once Upon a Long Ago", and "We All Stand Together" very, very much.
            I saw you on TV on November 18.1 hadn't seen you on TV since LIVE AID. When you took part in LIVE AID, we couldn't hear all of your singing, but we could hear all of your saying and singing this time, so I was very pleased. We can see you on TV a few times. Please come to Japan and give a concert! I can't speak English very well, but I came to be able to write a simple letter little by little.
            I hope to be able to understand your saying at your concert in Japan, so I study English more hard until you come to Japan.
            Yours sincerely

            My dear friends at Wings Fun Club
            First, I'd like to let you know that I think you are doing a great job on the CLUB SANDWICH.
            NEXT, now that Paul has a new manager, Richard Ogden, who seems to know what Paul and his fans want, we should hear more about Paul pretty soon hopefully!
            Now comes the MAJOR reason for this letter. I'd like to comment further on a letter printed in CS45 by a fellow Fun Clubber, Brian Calla, of Dubois, Pennsylvania, USA. I too feel his frustration. As you replied, part of his answer was in CS43. A list of singles or albums was provided, however, probably like him, I am not able to get these at a local record store. I don't know if it's me, where I live, or if it's the people in the record stores that seem to be a certain type of moron. On separate occasions, I've heard Paul called "Paul McCarthy", and have been told that the album "London Town" does not exist. I have yet to see "McCartney" or "Wings over America" on CD, or even the "Prince's Trust Album" either in CD or album form. I have been able by the grace of God, to purchase "Pipes of Peace", "Tug of War", "Wings Greatest", "Band on the Run", "The Broadstreet Soundtrack", and of course, "Press to Play", which they have plenty of. If I try to order a different one on CD, I get a funny look, and if they con order (which they usually won't) it takes up to FIVE (5) weeks for it to get there.
            Is it possible for MPL and Capitol and Columbia to come up with a catalogue for Fun Clubbers who are serious record and/or CD collectors so that they may bypass the morons at the record stores who only seem to care if Madonna's new album sells well or not? Please help a fellow Fun Clubber from losing his mind!
            JOHN WHITINGER
            SAN BENITO
            RS. I've had to rely on friends actually travelling to England to be able to get a copy of "Only Love Remains" and "Let It Be". I'm running out of friends that travel abroad so I hope you see my dilemma.

            We appreciate your frustration, John, but the catalogue idea would be too complicated. Try some of the mail order stores in CS46.

            Dear Paul, Linda and Sue
            I just bought the "All the Best" CD and I'm in heaven! It's wonderful! And what makes it more special is the fact that the artwork that fans have sent in to the Club Sandwich is used on the cover. How thoughtful! Paul is certainly good to his fans! Even though I've never contributed (I'm not an artist of any sort) I thoroughly enjoy the artwork sent in. I hope Paul realizes all the love and appreciation his fans have for him. Thank you Paul!
            All the best
            SUSAN WHEELER
            WA.. USA

            Dear Linda and Paul
            I am a sixteen-year-old boy living in Nagano, Japan. In Nagano we are surrounded with mountains.
            My friend, who went to England a month ago, said that it is very cold in England.
            How are you?
            I would like to thank you.
            It was two years ago that I studied for exams. Whenever I didn't make progress in study and was discouraged, I was really cheered up, listening to your songs. Thanks to you, I could pass the high school exam. Thank you very much!
            My favourite songs are:

  1. Another Day
  3. My Love
  5. Silly Love Songs
  7. With a Little Luck
  9. No More Lonely Nights
  11. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
  13. Girlfriend
  15. You Gave Me The Answer
  17. Getting Closer
  19. Press

            Please take care of your health. God bless you.
            With all my heart
            SHIRO ARIMOTO

            Thank you, Shiro, but we can assure you its not always cold in England.