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Club Sandwich 47-48

            AWARD FOR LINDA
            Linda McCartney has received the
1987 Distinguished Photographers Award from Women in Photography, a Los Angeles based organisation, which was established to promote the visibility of women photographers and their work. Previous recipients of the award include Eve Arnold, Judy Dater, Annie Leibovitz and Marion Post-Walcott.

            LINDA'S NEW BOOK
            Work is in the final stages on a new book,
Linda McCartney's Sun Prints, which will be published in the UK next Spring by Barrie and Jenkins. The first book completely devoted to the subject of sun prints, it will feature over 70 pictures. A gallery show in London linked to the book is currently being planned.

            At a charity auction in London on March 21st, Linda's photograph "Boy Shape" was sold for £600. Proceeds went to SEARCH '88 to aid Cancer Research. The buyer has donated the print to London's Royal Marsden Hospital.