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            Paul's been as busy as ever these last months, with 'Once Upon Along Ago' and his TV appearances just the tip of the iceberg. Some of this business has been reported in the press, so we thought you'd like the correct info... Since Paul and Elvis Costello met last summer and 'fixed' a couple of each other's unfinished songs to kick off their collaboration, a further ten joints efforts have been completed. After 'Back On My Feet', two more will probably surface on Elvis's next album sometime this year ...Vegetarianism continues to gain ground. After publicity for Linda's 'macaroni turkey' and George Harrison's vegetarian roast loaf, ace Daily Mirror cartoonist Griffin showed turkey farmer Bernard 'Bootiful' Matthews testing his blade for sharpness in front of a worried-looking Paul and George, trussed alongside two unfortunate birds...In our CD feature we touch on Wings' 1974 Nashville sessions. At Christmas the country connection was re-established in Jamaica, of all places, when Paul wrote a song with Johnny Cash and Tom T. Hall. If it proves compatible, you could find it on the next McCartney long player. The title is definitely not 'Reggae Hoedown'... ln CS42 we reported a course in Beatles-ology at Newcastle-under-Lyne College. Now Liverpool University has set up Britain's first 'institute of pop music'. Vice-Chancellor Graeme Davies said there was a need to cater for people "aware of the importance of this kind of music to modern life"... Although getting relatively basic in his 1988 sessions with Hamish Stuart (guitar/vocals) and Chris Whitten (drums), Paul has certainly not lost his interest in the hi-tech end of things and spent a very productive three days with Trevor Horn and Steve Lipson at the end of last year...Is it too late to tell you about a souvenir popular in the US during the Pope's tour there last year? We hope not, because said item was a T-shirt captioned 'John Paul, George and Ringo', with a picture of JPII between two ex-Beatles... Also helping out at Paul's recent sessions have been Kevin Armstrong (guitar), Nicky Hopkins (piano) and Steve Nieve (keyboards). Singing and guitaring by Mr. Costello have also been heard on the premises...A single by '60's songbird the late Alma Cogan once changed hands for large sums on the rumour that Paul played tambourine on the B-side! The rumour was scotched, leaving some collectors feeling pretty silly, but Paul admired the lady's work and a new album Alma Cogan-A Celebration has a tribute from him on the sleeve, as on a recent Matt Monro collection...Paul's projects sometimes dip out of sight, but they rarely leave his mind. 'Children of all ages' will be pleased to learn that more work has been done towards a full-length Rupert cartoon feature, in particular the arrangement and recording of new songs with George Martin. Heartiest congratulations to George on his CBE in the New Year Honours List ... George Harrison's thanks to John, Paul and Ringo on the sleeve of Cloud Nine were a nice touch ...During the Children In Need appeal in November, BBC Radio Two auctioned a signed original print from Linda's collection...The Childline charity Paul did his Christmas card for, will also profit from his work in a more roundabout way. A various artists album, Sqt. Pepper Knew My Father, is out with all proceeds going to Childline. The album consists of the Pepper songs done by modern artists like the Christians and Billy Bragg... Paul and Billy appeared side by side in The Independent on 12th February, each giving their assessment of Chuck Berry on the release of his film and autobiography. Here are some of Paul's comments: "Early in my musical consciousness, certain sounds started to arrive from America which fascinated me. In Chuck Berry's case, whether it was the A- or B-side, there was always something to learn." Praising Chuck's "eloquence and economy", he gives an example: "In 'Memphis Tennessee' ...Chuck mentions the girl with 'hurry home drops on her cheek'... He influenced John and me to write our own material, dismaying a lot of good writers who previously had plenty of work."...Fans hoping to see Paul on the Royal Variety show in 1987 were disappointed, but they did get Shirley Bassey singing 'Hey Jude'. She made Wilson Pickett sound positively restrained ... In December, Kenneth 'Fortunes of War' Branagh directed an acclaimed production of Twelfth Night at the Riverside Theatre in London's Hammersmith. 20 years after Paul had turned down a request to write some music for As You Like It, he turned up in the credits of a play subtitled What You Will. Let the programme tell the story: "In the summer we asked Paul McCartney if he would be interested in providing music for Twelfth Night... 'Once Upon A Long Ago' has been reworked by Pat Doyle to provide an accompaniment for Feste's song 'Come Away Death'. We are delighted that it takes its place alongside Pat's original score." So were the critics, who rated it a highlight of this strong, clear production, as did Sandwich Ed., though Paul's lyrics make for a cheerier party...On to the Cuff Link bookshelf: Brian Epstein's autobiography A Cellarful of Noise (1964) has been reissued as a slim but fascinating paperback. This fastidious but determined man, prone to using terms like "artiste", has been much underestimated, though Ray Coleman's forthcoming biography should improve matters. Noise was sympathetically 'ghosted' by Derek Taylor, who was happy with his fee. Some time later Brian said "You didn't get enough for that book" and wrote him another cheque for the same amount...Perhaps the grass is always greener, but France's rock press has always seemed fresh and unjaded. The excellent Rock & Folk was thriving more than ten years before Q and now French superfan Jacques Volcouve and journalist Pierre Merle have produced an attractive 8 1/2" x 7 1/2" hardback survey of the Beatles' records called simply Les Beatles, published by Solar. Thankfully heavier on fact than opinion, it contains many rarely-seen photos (often in colour) and will cost you 110 francs on your next trip to Paris...Many readers will recall Patrick Humphries' Pipes Of Peace interview with Paul in CS37 and his informative 'Spies Like Us' piece in CS39. Now Pat has published The Boy In The Bubble, a Paul Simon biography with at least one page of particular interest to Sandwich readers: "Simon and McCartney are undeniably masters of the popular song ...they will do their best to ensure that every release contains the hallmarks of quality the audience has come to expect .. .the audience no longer requires them to be role models or leaders and can simply enjoy their ability to articulate universal feelings". And so say all of us ...Sesame Street came to Britain again before Christmas and had the Beetles singing 'Letter B'. Learning was different when your editor was young...Heard the one about the Polish kindergarten called McCartney? We're glad to say it's true and will carry a detailed feature next time... Now what about touring? If thinking about it and talking about it qualifies as planning to do it, then Paul is planning to tour. But don't start queueing just yet...Little woman, I love how you give me the answer.


A Test of Musical Knowledge

Club Sandwich 47-48 ACROSS
1 Orchestral gong (3-3)
4 Slow, stately dance of 16th and 17th centuries (6)
7 Orchestra director (9)
9 Joseph's was in technicolour (4)
10 Principal instrument or voice part (4)
11 Small band of musicians (5)
13 Movement from Hoist's suite "The Planets" (6)
14 Instruments that can be grand or upright (6)
15 Waltzes and mazurkas, for example (6)
17 Broadcasts (6)
19 Shields placed round microphones to exclude unwanted sounds (5)
20 Device to soften the sound of an instrument (4)
22 ____Faith (4)
23 Old (and unkind) name for a fiddler (6-3)
24 Bohemian folk-dance similar to the waltz (6)
25 "Side____", piano piece popular in the 60's (6)
1 Paths on magnetic recording tapes (6)
2 Short blast on horn or whistle (4)
3 Relating to contemporary styles of music (6)
4 Balanced arm of a record-player (4-2)
5 Ancient stringed instrument (4)
6 Short pieces for solo instrument, intended either to show skills or as exercises (6)
7 Wooden percussion instruments held by Spanish dancers (9)
8 Django___, Belgian jazz guitarist and founder, with Stephane Grapelli, of the Quintet of the Hot Club of France earlier this century (9)
11 Norwegian composer of incidental music to "Peer Gynt" (5)
12 "____of Peace" (5)
15 Pad in a piano that deadens the vibration of each key as it is released (6)
16 Beethoven's "Moonlight____" (6)
17 Ginger____, film dancing partner of Fred Astaire (6)
18 Musical term meaning "always" (6)
21 Electronic effect, in recorded music, that adds resonance (4)
22 "For the sake of____langsyne" (Robert Burns) (4)


            ACROSS 1. Live 3. Cupboard 8. Songs 10. Disdain 11. Evermore 12. Be 13. Duo 14. Blotting 17. Up 18. All 19. Enough 23. Tempi 26. Horseman 28. Weather 29. Lax

            DOWN 1. Listen 2. Vanderbilt 4. Understood 5. Best 6. Amazed 7. Don't complain 9. Someone's 15. Nights 16. Harrow 20. Emma 21. Jet 22. The 24. Eel 25. Pax 27. Or