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Club Sandwich 55-56

The Paul McCartney 'Get Back’ Tour of 1989-90 travelled 100,331 miles.
We played in 13 countries - England, Scotland, France, Holland, Spain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Brazil, Canada and the U.S.A. [*]
[*] Fan demand took us to the States POUR times; playing in Chicago, New York, LA, Philadelphia, Iowa, New Jersey, Kentucky, Carolina, Atlanta, Texas, Florida, Washington, Cleveland - all over the bloody place.

Macca played to a total of 2,843,297 fans over 102 gigs.
In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on April 21st 1990, at the Maracana Stadium, Paul set a new world record [officially recognised by the Guinness Book Of Records] performing to the largest stadium crowd ever gathered in the history of rock and roll - 184,368.

This tour was his first international tour for 13 years and the most successful of his career. The American dates - all sell-outs - made him the artist who sold most tickets in the USA in 1990 [an average of 49,209 per gig] - beating Madonna, The Grateful Dead and Janet Jackson.

Now, rather than rest on those not-inconsiderable laurels, Paul is planning the next 'leg'; already dubbed World Tour Two - which it is hoped could start at the end of 1991.

The highlight of the tour - for Paul - was when we played to 50,000 + on the banks of the Mersey, his biggest ever gig in his hometown of Liverpool when - at the end of the medley dedication to John - the band stopped playing Give Peace A Chance BUT the crowd refused to stop chanting and forced Paul to restart the song. " That", he said "was one of the greatest moments of my career. That was what you do it all for really".

Photographs by Alan Silfen Club Sandwich 55-56