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            Our main spread in this Summer Sandwich is the royal opening of LIPA by Her Majesty the Queen on 7 June. The coverage is mainly pictorial because we have thoroughly chronicled the progress of LIPA in these pages from its inception. The official opening ceremony cemented the reality of Paul's dream to turn his former school into a centre of excellence for the training of students in every facet of the performing arts. It was a proud moment, not only for Paul but for everyone who has been involved in LIPA's creation. Incidentally, if any of our readers would like to support this extremely worthwhile venture in a really simple, painless and cost-free way, you'll find out how to do so in this'll do NICELY.
            Meanwhile, with the year rounding to mid-point, we can report that Paul has been spending most of his time in the studio, working on a variety of projects that he has on the go. But he took a break recently to fill in our editor Mark Lewisohn on exactly what's been going on (see GOOD NEWS EXCLUSIVE!). Also, we give you advance notice of Linda's new book of photographs entitled Roadworks. [Paul's quote: "Love it!"]
            Our other features include an update on Paul's I.D.E.A. idea and news of the latest song to be released from the fruitful collaboration between Paul and Elvis Costello (see shallow GRAVE). Sandwich subscriber Norrie Duff has created something special against which to test your McCartney knowledge (see SPOT THE SONGTITLES) and our resident compiler, Bert Danher, presents another Summer Crossword.
            In our regular features, mining THE FILM AND VIDEO ARCHIVE looks at the rare promo for 'Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five', whilst in AND IN THE GREEN CORNER the acclaimed American environ-mentalist and food writer John Robbins discusses the implications of our food choices upon the environment in general, alerting us to the work of the pioneering organisation EarthSave International which is taking a lead in spreading the message. INSPIRATION looks back to 1979 to see how Paul came to record the two songs 'On The Way' and 'Nobody Knows'. Lastly, the ever illuminating WRITE AWAY answers more questions put by you, our readers.
            Here's a further update on The Beatles Anthology: September will see the issue by Apple/EMI of Volume 3, the third and final two-CD set of previously unissued audio recordings, this time drawing upon material from the period of the White Album, Let It Be and Abbey Road; also, the Anthology video series will be issued on eight cassettes of seventy-five minutes each, which is about double the length of the series screened on TV - so more great music, reminiscences and exclusive footage of the band await us. Finally, at some point, there will be a book to complement it all.
            Do also make a diary note for 21 September, which marks the 100th public performance of Paul McCartney's Liverpool Oratorio. Appropriately, it will be played by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra in a concert staged in that city's newly renovated Philharmonic Hall. The soloists will be Anne Dawson, Bernadette Cullen, Bonaventura Bottone and Michael George.
            Before closing, our congratulations go to the two winners of our Winter 1995 Sandwich draw, each of whom received a LIPA brochure signed by Paul - Alex Littleford of Newport, Shropshire, England and Madaline Abrams of Kula, Hawaii, USA.
            We'll be back in the Autumn - until then, have a great summer.

Club Sandwich 78