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And you thought this was a quiet year? Not with Paul McCartney around - he's up to all sorts, and wants Club Sandwich readers to be the first to know, with this special, exclusive chat laid on just for you. Now read on...

            CS: It appears that you are having a quiet year.
            PM: Well, even though it might appear to be a quietish year, the excuse is the Anthology- That's made me famous for another 12 months, to say the least! And from the letters I'm getting I know that everyone's enjoying seeing and hearing that stuff. So the Anthology gives me a good excuse to quietly assemble some new music myself.
            CS: What are you up to, then?

            PM: Having fun. And the good news is that there's a new album on the way.
            CS: When will it be out?

            PM: I won't release it until next year, mainly just to get the Anthology out of the way first. I don't want to be competing with myself- particularly when it's the Beatles: it's not seemly to do that. So I'll be waiting until next year. There's no pressure because the record company have told me that they don't really need an album from me in 1996.
            CS: How did you react to that?

            PM: At first it made me think: cheek! But then I thought: well no, of course, with all the Beatles stuff coming out, it makes sense. Then I realised that it'll give me a chance to make music for my own fun. I've recorded a couple of new acoustic numbers with George Martin producing, which are nice, and I've done a few tracks with Jeff Lynne, which have also worked out very well. I enjoyed working with Jeff on 'Free As A Bird' and 'Real Love', asked him if he'd want to do some work with me for my next album, and he said yes. And I've also done a couple of little things with other people. So, all in all, when you put it all together, it starts to look like an album. I just took away a tape of it, on holiday, and the tracks hang together well. If I can have fun doing music then I think it shows, and that's the main thing.
            CS: Who is playing on the album?

            PM: Well my mate Richard said he might guest on a track [laughter]!
            CS: So you're feeling good?

            PM: Yes, absolutely, and not just because of the sessions. The most important thing of all is that Linda and I have just come back from a nice, long relaxing holiday and we both feel good.
            CS: Thank you.

            PM: You're welcome!

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