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Club Sandwich 78

Paul and Mark escort the Queen around and about LIPA's inner sanctum, meeting and greeting singers, dancers and musicians aiming to become future monarchs of the entertainment world


            Want to support LIPA? Now you can do so every time you make a purchase, by obtaining LIPA's very own credit card Club Sandwich 78

            As you'll doubtless have realised, we here at Club Sandwich think that Paul's LIPA school - the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts - is a most deserving venture, and that following its recent opening (see last issue's full report) it won't be long until its students are making their way to the tops of their various professions.
            But, like any major operation, LIPA needs to maintain a strong flow of income, so great are the costs of maintaining the building, buying new equipment and attracting the best staff. So although the school is now up and running the need for funding hasn't gone away. (If anything, it has increased.) And here's where you can help at no cost to you.
            In conjunction with the MBNA International Bank, LIPA has launched its very own MasterCard credit card, and every time the card is used it will benefit the school.
            Quite simply, for every successful new card applicant, LIPA will receive £1 from MBNA, with a further £3 every year that the card remains active. LIPA will also be paid 0.15 per cent of the value of each purchase transaction by the MBNA - at their expense, not yours.
            Two types of MBNA/LIPA card are available - a regular one and a "Gold" one for people whose annual income exceeds £20,000. There is no annual fee to pay and, for those who do not pay off their monthly bill in full, the interest rates are very competitive. The LIPA MasterCard can also be owned in addition to other credit cards so, quite simply, you cannot lose and LIPA can only gain.
            To receive an application form for a LIPA MasterCard, phone 0800 776262 (UK applicants only).

Club Sandwich 78