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Club Sandwich 82 anc

world exclusive by Alan Crowder

            PAUL McCARTNEY has revealed the secret behind the making of his acclaimed new solo album Flaming Pie - "all fun and no sweat". PHOTO EXCLUSIVE: The album cover shot by Linda McCartney
            Paul told how taking it nice and easy was the key ingredient in Flaming Pie. Instead of booking into a recording studio for months of hard slog, he took a break and the songs lust flowed into his head.
            "None of the songs on the album were written with an album in mind", said Paul, "I'd taken some time off while we were working on The Beatles Anthology and the songs lust came to me. I couldn't stop them".
            Flaming Pie
marks Paul's return to the days of classic albums like McCartney and Ram, where he plays most of the instruments himself -including drums, guitar, keyboards and, of course, bass.
            Said Paul: "McCartney was great fun to do because I played all the instruments myself. So on Flaming Pie I kind of went back to a little bit of that way of thinking.
            "Rather than collect a band and make the whole album like the last album, this new album is more intimate, based on the theory of McCartney. So I'm mainly the drummer on Flaming Pie, except for my mate Ringo - who's on a couple of tracks".
            Many of the songs on the album struck Paul at unusual moments -coming into his head on holiday beaches, whilst sitting around a campfire or while Linda cooked lunch.
            Said Paul: "It's pretty much a home-made album. I like the idea of it being intimate and also not being a sweat.
            "One of the key things about this album, which I've said in all my meetings with the people promoting it, is 'no sweat'. I don't want to sweat it".
            Consequently, Paul wrote the songs fast (see page 2) and recorded them quickly.
            "I came off the back of The Beatles Anthology with an urge to make some new music", said Paul, "The Anthology was very good for me because it reminded me of The Beatles' standards and the standards we reached with the songs.
            "It was a good refresher course for me and it sort of gave me a framework for this album.
            "Watching The Anthology also reminded me of the time that we didn't take to make an album and of the fun that we had when we did one", said Paul, "So I wanted to get back into that.
            "It seems like an easy album. Generally it was really fun to do and I got to play a lot of music and with no sweat - so what more do you want?"
            Flaming Pie
is released worldwide from May 5th.


            DO YOU call him Sir Paul now? Not if "the scruff from Speke" has anything to do with it.
            Newly-knighted Sir Paul McCartney says he won't be expecting any doffing of caps now that he's a Knight Bachelor o( the realm.
            Although acknowledging "it's a great honour", Paul prefers to drop the prized prefix, in his everyday life.
            "It's like getting a big school prize", says Macca, "You don't go after it but if you do some good drawings they give you the art prize because they think you're alright.
            "And that's the way I take the knighthood. It's not become a big ego trip. It's just something nice that was offered and it would be rude to turn it down.
            "The best thing about it is that when me and Linda are sitting alone on holiday, watching the sunset, I can turn to her and say 'Hey, you're a Lady. It's a giggle, because you get to make your girl a Lady - although she always was to me anyway".